"I Love being a Woman" was a social outreach campaign launched by a global pharmaceutical company in conjunction with the 50th year anniversary of the Phil.

Birth control is a relatively taboo topic in Asia and this posed a challenge for the company in terms of a social outreach

There is an inherent difference between traditional marketing and outreach on the social web. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for companies is in adjusting their voice they are used to into something socially acceptable for the social web.

To succeed, and brands need to have a personality that is able to connect with consumers on an individual and personal level.

In developing its communication plan, Conversion Hub adopted persona marketing in creating an emotional connection with its target audience thought a social theme of women independence. The facebook page "I Love being a Woman" used a combination of humor and story-telling to bring the product to life.

Singapore ladies on Facebook were invited to participate in an interactive tongue-in-cheek quiz application to better understand the facts and myths about birth control pills.

The Facebook page allowed for users to learn more about the pill through the interactive quiz. It also enabled participants to easily share campaign information and rally more friends to their cause in exchange for attractive prizes.

This is a perfect example of marketing between people, not just to people.

  • No. 1 Fastest growing page for its category
  • 15,000+ Forum Views
  • 3000+ (200% above Target) Fans within 3 months despite being a brand new page
  • 1,200+ (40% participation rate) Users Participated in the Quiz
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Exceeded initial target by over 460%
Total Defence 2011
$300,000 raised for charity in less than 8 weeks
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3000+ Fans (200% above Target)