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The C2C Optimization system is a proprietary system that optimizes your entire sales funnel from your paid advertising across Google, Yahoo and MSN to your landing page and sales funnel.

We offer the following benefits to our clients:
  • Guaranteed ROI Lift
  • Performance-based Consultation
  • Vendor Neutral Recommendations
  • Highly Experienced Account Servicing Consultants

PPC AdvertisingWe worked with a regional telecommunications company to achieve a 380% improvement in conversion targets by optimizing their wire frame and user experience.

A leading media portal wanted more visitors at a lower cost. In a short span of less than one month, we delivered an ROI lift of 30% with a corresponding click through rate (CTR) improvement of over 900%.

An Asian government tourism body wanted to increase user participation in their online application service. Using customised strategies to achieve this aim, we outperformed our goals by 350% and reduced the average cost per conversion from $48 to $3

Asia's leading research company wanted new registrations at a lower cost. We exceeded expectations by delivering 600 quality sign-ups in four months and brought the average cost per conversion down from $35 to $3

The success of your advertising campaign depends on three key factors.

40% of your campaign results is dependent on your ability to effectively target your audience segments. This also includes efficient keyword portfolio management across major search engines and optimization of the entire bidding process.

The next 40% depends on your sales funnel design and overall value proposition articulation.

The remaining 20% is a function of design and visual appeal.

Sales funnel design is instrumental to maximizing conversion. An average web visitors would give you just three seconds before deciding whether or not to exit your site. If you succeed in capturing his/her attention, you gain an additional 30 seconds where he/she will evaluate your value proposition. Finally, you will have an additional three minutes to persuade him/ her to perform a particular action.

This is also known as the Conversion Hub's 3-30-3 rule.

Common Mistake 1:
Re-designing a flashy, snazzy website without thinking about conversions or specific business objectives.
Common Mistake 2:
Abandoning pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in favour of search engine optimization (SEO) because it is perceived as being cheaper or free.
Common Mistake 3:
Purchasing extremely expensive and complicated marketing software without realising that you need a professional trained in that software to extract any real value out of it.
Common Mistake 4:
Trying multiple variations in landing pages, assuming that you would get the best result eventually.
Common Mistake 5:
Designing tests with the wrong goals or misinterpreting test results.

Firstly, C2C Optimization is NOT Efficient Frontier, Google Website Optimizer or Taguchi testing. (Although part of the process would usually involve some form of multivariate testing using such tools)

In fact, it is NOT a single tool or technique. C2C Optimization is a 360 degree approach that takes the guesswork out and applies a rigorous and scientific process towards optimizing both your media placement budget as well as your sales funnel in an integrative way to deliver an ROI lift.

We are also "Vendor Neutral", which means we do not take a commission cut from any vendor and do not profit from selling you some expensive technology platform without considering the ability for your organization to extract value from it.

C2C Optimization is a combination of the following:
  • Search Traffic Optimization
  • Human Psychology
  • Business Research
  • Web Analytics
  • A/B Testing & Multivariate testing
  • Sales Copywriting & Funnel Design
  • Humanized Design

Due to the service nature of our work, we would love to work with you team if you are

  1. Committed to being the best in your industry
  2. Able to handle the increase in conversions or sales
  3. Have a search advertising budget of at least S$250,000/annum

If you are a potential client and would like to speak to us on improving your conversion rate, contact us here to request for a free consultation.

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Asia Research Company
800% Improvement in Conversion Rates and average Cost per Conversion fell from $35 to $3
Regional Media Portal
In less than 1 month, we delivered an ROI lift of 30% with a corresponding click through rate (CTR) improvement of over 900%.
Tourism Agency in Asia
We outperformed Goals by 350% and driven the average Cost per Conversion from $48 to $3
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