With over 1 trillion web pages indexed by Google, online visitors are increasingly becoming impatient due to excessive information overload on the internet. On average, web visitors take just 3 seconds before deciding to press the back button.

As one of the very few agencies in the world with in-house usability and focus group lab, our proprietary 360˚ Humanized Web Design methodology has proven to dramatically improve task performance.

We work with clients from the usability design stage, handle execution and documentation of the usability blueprint, and also provide content copywriting services to convey the right message to your audience.

  • Customer acquisition and retention
    Conversion rates up. Sales up. Drop off rates down.
  • Cost Reduction
    Most organization heavily relies on intranet and internal software to function. Streamlining these business tools help to boost productivity and corporate efficiency.
  • Brand equity
    Improved brand satisfaction and experience among stakeholders is an increasingly important asset especially among consumer brands.

Understanding platform design is mission critical in a rapidly changing online landscape and rising expectations of the users. We observe and interview your target groups and analyze them against underlying online behavioral realities. Our proven methods include:
  • Expert Review
  • 360˚ Humanized Analysis
  • Moderated Usability testing
  • Humanized heuristic evaluations
  • Card Sorting
  • Wireframe prototyping
  • Task Analysis
  • Eye tracking

  • Persona and Scenarios
  • Design templates
  • Design Style guides
  • User interface specifications
  • Information Architecture & Concept
For products that are widely distributed or global in nature, we are able to deploy remote usability testing with a global pool of users who are able to participate in a test at any time. We are also ready to test creative ideas in an early concept stage by working with paper sketches to develop interactive prototypes and experiences for your users.

Our copywriters are trained in writing for the web where information must be succinct, precise, engaging, as well as optimized for search engine visibility.

Our website copies are written with a view to driving conversions, articulating key brand messages and gaining organic rankings within search engines. At the next level, we also evaluate your website's tone of voice, content structure, and how brand values are being articulated.

  • Editorial Strategy
  • Content Development
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Web Copywriting Training
Total Defence 2011
$300,000 raised for charity in less than 8 weeks
Over 2,039,384 forum posts by members
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Over 900 alumni volunteers, 400% increase in daily pageviews
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